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Our generation has witnessed mass massacres of millions of African people by their own leaders. Millions more have been driven out of their humble homes throughout Africa and live as destitutes. No country has been spared. Biting poverty and hopelessness ravages the entire continent. The Africa Good Governance Team plans to stabilize and bring enduring peace to the people of Africa through the establishment of good governance systems that are accountable and transparent and which are built around democratic system that works and serves Africa well. Such an African made democracy will enhance harmony among the diverse cultures and ethnic groups that colors that continent. Development of good governance system and structures will definitely end the evils of poverty, wars and sufferings that has stalked Africa for centuries. And we can achieve this mission within a generation. We are convinced that history has bestowed upon our generation the grace to fulfill this mission. We should not fail future generations. Let’s respond to this call. Let’s not fail Africa.