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Your donation will help empower Kenyans to come out and speak and protest demanding good governance, end of corruption, wastage, democracy, etc

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voices-against-corruption.ning.comKenya our Home Protest in Nairobi! - Voices Against Corruption

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100r.orgKenyan anti-corruption activists at a 2010 protest against corruption in Nairobi

New Picture 29 PROTESTING AGAINST CORRUPTION: ?Today, Kenya is under threat from negative ethnicity and corruption.

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Motorists Protest Over Bad

New Picture 32 was on Tuesday disrupted along Nakuru–Eldoret highway after demonstrators blocked the road at Salgaa protesting poor state of roads in Mosop

New Picture 31 of rubbish along newly erected guard rails along First Avenue in Eastleigh, NairobiKidero given one-week ultimatumNew Picture 33

mwambolero.comTransport along Bamba-Kilifi road was early this week paralyzed as drivers and touts protested over the bad state of the road 

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 We shall engage artists like this to speak out on bad governance

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