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The Kenya economy has been growing in a rather sluggish manner. Kenya economy ought to have grown by 10% from 2010 in order to achieve the Vision 2030 goals– where Kenya was to rise to a Middle Income country. However, it has been growing by between 1-5% since 2008. Kenya can achieve a 10% growth rate very easily. However this has been undermined by corruption, wastage, political violence, tribalism, and sheer incompetence and lack of foresight on the part of the leadership. To achieve such a growth rate needs a vibrant, motivated and innovative government. It requires new energies and a highly committed Government to development. These tenets has lacked in the leadership of Kenya. The Government behaves simply in the usual near casual manner in matters development. It also pursues the traditional mechanisms of development such as focusing on mega eye catching projects whose aim is mainly to give it political mileage. Such approaches have not helped countries speed up economic transformation.

The Good Governance Team –Kenya (GGT-K) has identified 100 core measures it will implement that will cause an earth breaking economic growth rate of 10-15%. These measures straddle across specific economic, institutional, human resources, governance, social, environmental and political sectors. A 24 hour economy can be created in all corners of Kenya. These interventions will end extreme poverty in Kenya, create mass employments, increase productivity and ensure Kenyan labor is fully utilized.