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The Fast Approaching Total Extinction of Wildlife in Kenya & Africa

wildlife masacre1Time is not on our side. The clock is ticking and doing so very fast. Kenya's wildlife face extinction in a few years time. Only FIVE White Northern Rhinos are alive today- all of them in captivity. None is in the wild. As each Rhino dies, so is the dreaded hour approaches for the end of an awesome specie of Rhino in the world and animal history. Yet another blow and catastrophic failure of human society. But as Kenyan leadership watched carelessly as Rhinos were massacred by poachers, the leadership is still doing nothing to protect other wildlife that face extinction in a few decades. Virtually ALL wildlife in Kenya is declining fast. This is the case with Elephants. Its race against time for preservation of such animals. 100,000 elephants have been killed by "poachers" in Africa in the last three years.

wildlife masacre3Today less than 400,000 elephants are alive. Kenya's elephants population has declined rapidly. By the late 1970s, the elephant population was estimated to be around 275,000, but dramatically dropped to 20,000 in 1989. By 2012, there were only 12, 573 then down to about 11,000 today. Hence Kenya has been losing more than 500 elephants per year in recent years. The GGT-Kenya will halt this further slide and triple the elephant population to more than 33,000 by early 2020s. By 2030, Kenya elephants will hit close to 100,000. Under the GGT-Kenya, Kenyan Elephants will reach close to 1million by 2099. Kenya has only about 1,000 Black Rhinos alive down from 24,000 a few decades ago. Hence if nothing dramatic is done today, African elephants and Black Rhinos will be gone in less than 10 years time. The Kenya government has been blamed for what appears to be "condoning" poaching that has now led to the extinction of the Northern White Rhinos. Government is said to have the names of the "poachers". Its also alleged that wildlife police officers who attempt to protect the wildlife have been murdered in mysterious circumstances. This creates an impression that some government officials are involved or some cover up of some sort.

The Administration of the Good Governance Team will deploy multi-pronged approach. More than 10 methods will be applied. We shall revise wildlife laws. Poachers and international traders on illegal wildlife products will feel theweight of law including life imprisonment. Our goal is to ensure that EACH Kenyan wildlife TRIPLES within 5 years. We shall ensure that there is no ENDANGERED OR THREATENED species again.

Genocide Against Kenya's Wildlife

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