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The last time ethnic violence was witnessed in developed countries was several centuries ago. Today’s Kenya experiences deadly tribal and clan wars. These wars have in many cases been very brutal and ferocious. The fight occurs along political, economic or cultural fault lines or simply hatred of the “other”. The level of animosity has been on the rise since 1992. In North Eastern Counties, ethnic fighting has taken clan and tribal angle often with deadly results between the Degodia, Garre, Borana, Garba, etc . In Samburu, Nyanza/ Kericho, Turkana, Baringo and West Pokot, it has been inter-tribal warfare. The Turkana, Pokots and other Baringo communities have been slaughtering each other. The consequences have been shocking. Hundreds are killed, tens of thousands of livestock stolen and entire villages razed to the ground. These has been the trend since independence 53 years ago.

The Good Governance Team knows this problem can be avoided and permanently ended. It will seek the implementation of 20 measures that will end ethnic and clan fighting once and for all.

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