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  1. Purchase sanitary towels for girls, shoes, bicycles for day-scholars walking for more than 30mins to school, etc (See this you tube: 1) Period of Shame ~ Enough is Enough 2) Periods of Shame in Rural Schools in Kenya; 3) Menstruation in Kenya
  2. Carrying out mass enlightenment on good governance, the right leadership, development matters, etc
  3. Put up logistics, secretariat, transport, and necessary facilitations for different programs
  4. Upgrading mudwalls, slums, etc
  5. Buying  smokeless lamps such as solar lamps
  6. buying smokeless and efficient affordable cookers to replace three-stone toxic firewood cookers
  7. Prepare material on realizable development goals for GGT-Kenya
  8. Prepare material promoting the Good Governance Teams
  9. Help dig bore holes so as to bring water on the doorstep of homes to save women’s time and energies
  10. Remove jiggers affecting millions of Kenyans
  11. Reverse wildlife decline- do research on poaching, carry extensive information campaign and go to court to bring changes for the protection of wildlife
  12. Have town house meetings to end radicalization, extremism and terrorism
  13. Fight for the people in court