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After African countries gained independence, the leaders plunged these nations into catastrophic upheavals. Civil wars and ethnic conflicts became almost the norm in almost all countries in Africa including: Nigeria, Ethiopia, Somali, Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, DRC, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leon, etc. In some countries as much as 25% of the population have been displaced. In Sudan, three civil wars have occurred. The First Civil War claimed more than half a million lives. The Second Civil War killed more than two million innocent Sudanese. A total of about five million were forced to flee their homes and country. Millions have suffered in refugee camps to-date. After South Sudan got its independence in 2011, it plunged into yet another South Sudanese Civil War. The war is raging at the moment. More than 100,000 have been killed and over two million have once again (for almost 5th time) fled their homes. In the Darfur Conflict in Sudan, more than 400,000 civilians were killed and over 2.5million displaced from their homes. The DRC has experience numerous episodes of war during which over 6 million have been killed and over 3million fled into refugee camps. The worst scenario was the Rwandan Genocide where close to one million civilians were killed within 100 days due to power struggle.