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Jiggers in Kenya in the 21st century? The Shame of a Nation

Government negligence, non-commitment to the welfare and desertion of its citizens is even more manifest by its failure to end the simple jigger infestations that has now become a national economic and health menace in the Republic of Kenya. Jiggers now severely afflict over 2million Kenyans- these cannot walk, sit down well, feed themselves, sleep, or work. They suffer stigma. They also contract many other diseases including HIV/AIDS. Jiggers have killed dozens and wiped out entire families. Another 10 million Kenyans face real risk of infestation.

The Good Governance Team (GGT)Kenya will ensure that within THREE months no Kenyan will have jiggers anywhere in their bodies. And the GGT-Kenya will declare Kenya a jigger-menace-free nation within SIX months. The GGT will also eradicate cholera and dramatically reduce malaria incidences and all other preventable/treatable diseases that are today ravaging Kenya.

See these videos on Jiggers menace in Kenya:

  1. Jigger agony (by NTV);
  2. Jigger infestation hits Sega, Siaya County where a parent and five out of six children are infested (by KTN);
  3. The jiggers menace that affects the residents of Ugenya Siaya county (by KTN)

Jiggers Menace facing 12millions in Kenya :